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What is marketing?

Marketing means different things to different people. Marketing encompasses all the areas that impact and promote a brand, product or service.


Who I am

I have deep seated roots in Taranaki, my mum’s side of the family are from the region and I have been visiting here since I was 3 years old. New Plymouth is my second home and I love it.


What makes me different?

Ask yourself..

Do you want to...


How I can help

I make your marketing budget work as hard as it can. I provide a holistic view on how marketing will affect your business and advise on how to get the most out of your budgets. My experience allows me to make quick and effective recommendations based on knowledge of what works and what doesn’t cutting down testing time.

I have experience across the board - Advertising, branding, offline, online, lead generation, websites, social you name it and I’ve probably worked on it before. My key focus is always ensuring a return on investment from all marketing activities. I don’t believe in spending a penny without knowing what you will get for it, whether that be $ return, social engagement, brand growth, leads or engagement.

As well as ensuring a return on investment I will ensure we measure success. Nothing is worth doing if you can’t measure it.

I deliver sound strategies that really work. Many businesses I work with have spent thousands of dollars on marketing only to find that their goals haven’t been met and business hasn’t grown as expected. To top it off they also don’t know what part of their marketing and communication failed.


Working with Donna

I work on one off projects or can be retained to help with business development on larger schemes..


How can I help you?

The best way to decide whether I can help you is to give me a call and lets have a chat about your marketing needs.

Call me on 027 851 8489

I can work on one off projects or can be retained to help with business development on larger schemes.

Please spend 2 minutes telling me how I can help you.